Episode 7: From Enemies to Supporters

When the Prophet s.a.w looked beyond Makkah for a new place to call home, two sworn enemies came to offer him their support: The Tribes of Aws & Khazraj. Led by Saad Bin ‘Ubadah And Saad Bin Muadz respectively, let’s learn and they have a special place in the Prophet’s heart!

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27 May 2022, 28 May 2022

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Friday 5:30pm MYT, Saturday 10:30am MYT

Meet Your Teacher
Faizul Awwal

Principal, SoulDigest

With 15 years of teaching experience and a background in Arabic and Quran & Sunnah Studies, Mu'allim Faizul is known for his versatility in addressing diverse crowds from kids, teens and parents to professionals – you can trust that he’ll be entertaining on top of informative!