Season 5: Marvelous Men Around The Prophet

Inclusive of all 8 episodes

Episode 1: The One & Only

This season will cover the companions of the Prophet from five different backgrounds: The Early Muslims, The Muhajirin, The Ansar, Ex-Slaves and Scholars! And what is better than kicking off with the story of the Prophet ‘s unrivalled best friend, Abu Bakr As-Siddiq!

Episode 2: The Fantastic Four

Talhah Bin Ubaidillah, Saad Bin Abi Waqqas, Zubair Bin Al-‘Awwam, Abu Ubaidah Bin Al-Jarrah shared four things in common: They were the earliest Muslims, they were introduced to Islam by Abu Bakr, they were guaranteed paradise, and they were the guardian warriors of the Prophet on Uhud!

Episode 3: The Lions of Allah

The uncle & nephew duo, Hamzah Bin Abdul Muttalib & Ali Bin Abu Talib taught us that age is just a number when it comes to standing up for the truth. Wise in character and fierce in the battlefield, their names sent shivers down the spines of bullies!

Episode 4: The Kinsmen

This is a story of another two companions who were guaranteed heaven: Said Bin Zaid & Umar Bin Al-Khattab. Here is how they were also connected: Said Bin Zaid is Umar’s brother in-law! Now let’s listen to how Islam connected them together yet again!

Episode 5: Rich & Richer

Wealth & Jannah are a rare combo in a person, but that did not stop Uthman Bin Affan or Abdul Rahman Bin ‘Auf from getting both. The multi-millionaires of their times, they built & rebuilt their wealth, while at the same time contributing super generously to the Muslims!

Episode 6: The Unbreakable

When Islam came to Makkah, it affected all Muslims from every class of society, but the slaves were the ones who felt it the most. These are the heroic stories of Zayd Bin Haritsah, Bilal Bin Rabah, Suhayb Ar-Ruumi & Khabbab Bin Al-Arat, among others!

Episode 7: From Enemies to Supporters

When the Prophet s.a.w looked beyond Makkah for a new place to call home, two sworn enemies came to offer him their support: The Tribes of Aws & Khazraj. Led by Saad Bin ‘Ubadah And Saad Bin Muadz respectively, let’s learn and they have a special place in the Prophet’s heart!

Episode 8: The Suffah Program

After moving into Madinah, some of the Meccan companions live below the poverty line and were struggling to make ends meet. The Prophet came up with a training program which began from a shaded corner of his Mosque. Let’s meet these budding scholars & teachers!

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Episode 1 to 8


8 Apr 2022 until 4 Jun 2022

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Friday 5:30pm MYT, Saturday 10:30am MYT

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