Ramadhan Special

Ramadhan in The Sirah: Experience The Essence

Episode 4: Conquering Makkah & Hearts

After 21 years of riding the wave of Prophethood, Muhammad s.a.w & his friends took back Makkah in Ramadhan. One would expect that they exact their revenge and avenge, but the opposite happened, much to one’s amazement. These are stories and surahs about how the Prophet conquered Makkah… & hearts.

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24 April 2022

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Sundays, 12pm – 1.30pm MYT

Meet Your Teacher
Faizul Awwal

Principal, SoulDigest

With 15 years of teaching experience and a background in Arabic and Quran & Sunnah Studies, Mu'allim Faizul is known for his versatility in addressing diverse crowds from kids, teens and parents to professionals – you can trust that he’ll be entertaining on top of informative!