Episode 5: The Great Badr

The Prophet s.a.w set out with 313 Muslims to raid Quraysh’s biggest caravan but was unsuccessful. Now in Badr, 150km away from Madinah, the Muslim army received intelligence of 1300 Quraysh soldiers coming their way, armed to the hilt. Too far to call for reinforcements and unequipped for a full-fledged battle, what are they going to do?

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17 Feb 2022

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Thursday 8:30pm MYT

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Faizul Awwal

Principal, SoulDigest

With 15 years of teaching experience and a background in Arabic and Quran & Sunnah Studies, Mu'allim Faizul is known for his versatility in addressing diverse crowds from kids, teens and parents to professionals – you can trust that he’ll be entertaining on top of informative!