Season 5: The Fiqh of Ideologies

Inclusive of all 8 episodes

Episode 1: Peas In A Pod: Quran & Hadith

As Muslims, we firmly believe in the Quran & Hadith as our guide and authority. But what happens when someone tries to cast shade on the legitimacy of Hadith, and claim that the Quran is enough?

Episode 2: Unity in Diversity: Mazhabs

“Which Mazhab do we follow?” is supposed to be a follow-up question, not the leading query. First we have to understand how school of thoughts work, and how it is a mercy from Allah on us!

Episode 3: Roots & Shoots: Salafism & Sufism

Allah s.w.t described us being the middle ummah as our best quality: shifting too much to the right or left will throw you off balance and create either warped or narrowed mindsets & practices. So how do we stay in the middle? I think you know how, but let’s learn how to articulate it.

Episode 4: The Line in The Sand: Islam & Pluralism

“Religion is the root of all evil” & “No religion holds one truth” are just some cliches that the Quran has addressed again & again. Can there be more than one truth? Of course not, but we are going to discuss it anyways.

Episode 5: Policy Vs Politics: Sunnah & Shiah

Here is a fact: Shiah started as a political group before it spiralled into what it is today. This episode will clarify the beginnings, differences and future hopes on whether we can ever reconcile.

Episode 6: Equity Not Equality: Islam & Feminism

If you think that Islam oppresses women, we’ll have to ask if you come to that conclusion because of what you see today, or what you see in the Prophet’s time. If it’s the former, then let’s pay Sirah a visit.

Episode 7: Divine Design: Islam & LGBT

Allah s.w.t has created everything in pairs: It is his signature in nature. Everyone knows that. But how do we explain this without getting interrupted by voices of “freedom” every 3 seconds? Perhaps we should begin by looking at the story of Nabi Lut. But not in the way you think we are going to read it.

Episode 8: Science & Signs: Atheism & Evolutionism

The first part will be a quick crash course on how to prove God exists, because we have a bigger question to answer afterwards: Are we really descendants of apes? We are going bananas if that is true! Also, are dinosaur fossils proof from archaeology or conspiracy? What a way to end!

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4 Apr 2022 until 30 May 2022

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