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Introducing our loyalty program.

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Introducing our loyalty program.

Here's How It Works

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Benefits & Eligibility

(Uluul Albaab)


Who Are Eligible?

Subscribed to any of our Structured Courses (QC/SUBX/JIP/YIP)

Subscribed to
Quran Quest

Siblings' Discount

10% off the next purchase
(only for JIP / YIP)

15% off the next purchase
(only for JIP / YIP)

Consecutive Season Discount

10% off
(for every consecutive season)

15% off
(for every consecutive season)

Special Program Discount

5% off

10% off

Terms & Conditions

  • The checkout cart may have multiple discount codes BUT only one discount code per program is applicable. This means you cannot apply both sibling and consecutive season discounts together for one product

  • Sibling discount is applicable from the 2nd child onwards

  • Consecutive season discounts are only applicable for those who subscribed to the last season prior to the current one. If you have subscribed for previous seasons, but not the latest one, unfortunately, you are not eligible for this discount

  • If eligible for both sibling and consecutive season discount, we suggest going for the latter as you can save more

  • If you have not received the relevant discount codes, feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp!

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