FAQs on Quran Quest

What Is The Duration Of Quran Quest?

Online: Assuming your child starts from the very beginning, which is Camp 1, ideally it will take around 5 years to complete the entire Quran Quest. However, it can vary depending on how fast the student can go.

Onsite: If your child is starting from the very beginning, the Quran Quest program consists of two parts: the Quran Quest Bootcamp, which spans one year, and the Quran Quest Ranks, which takes an additional two years to progress from Rank 1 to Rank 4. Altogether, the program is designed to be completed over a period of three years.

Does Quran Quest Come With Hafazan/Hifz?

Quran Quest is structured to be a Khatam program with a difference. That said, we have designed it to be scalable into a Hifz program in the future.

Why is the program duration for Quran Quest Online & Onsite different?

The duration difference between Quran Quest Online & Onsite comes from the different teaching approaches employed.

Wow, you guys do reflections as well? So I can understand what I read?

Of course! In Ranks, we will be guiding you through the meanings, lessons & stories so you are able to connect to the Quran more & apply it to your lifestyle!

Can I Enroll in both Quran Quest Online & Onsite?

As the syllabuses differ, students are not allowed to enroll in both programs as it may confuse the student. However, if a student completes the three-year onsite program, they can choose to join the online program for a more private and personalised Khatam & Tadabbur process.

Can my child move from Quran Quest Online to Quran Quest Onsite?

Definitely! Please reach out to our academic admin to plan out the transition at +60 11-6228 4491.

My child is 5 years old, but they are knowledgeable enough about Arabic letters. Can they join Quran Quest?

Unfortunately our age limit for Quran Quest 7-17 Y/O. 

Are you sure there’s no hidden cost?

Absolutely! There are no material fees, admin fees, etc. Just pay your monthly fee and you’ll be good to go. But please arrange your own transport for Quran Quest Onsite 😉 

For Quran Quest Onsite, am I allowed to move to a different time slot mid-program?

We understand, things change! If there are sudden changes in your weekly schedule, do let our operations know so we can check for other available slots that suit your requirements. If this can be achieved, a slot change may be in order.

How Do I Set My Schedule For Quran Quest?

Online: Upon completing your placement test, you will be assigned a certified SoulDigest teacher, whom you can proceed to book your slots with. It is worth noting that as our programs are after-school hours in nature, slots are by default available from 3.00PM to 9.30PM MYT. However, the schedule can always be discussed with the teacher and it is subject to the agreement between the two parties.

Onsite: You have the flexibility to select your preferred timing for the Quran Quest onsite by using the provided Google form. Please note that the class timings may be subject to change based on the minimum number of students required for each slot.

Are My Quran Quest Sessions Fixed Or Flexible?

Online: We highly recommend that you have fixed days & time in mind. Having said that, if you need to reschedule/adjust the timings temporarily (eg. for school holidays), you can always talk to your assigned teacher & meet halfway!

Onsite: Since students will be progressing as a team, the class sessions are fixed. However, if you urgently need to miss a class, we highly recommend joining another slot (just for that week) in order to catch up with the other students. This is subject to available slots in other sessions.

Can I Have Two Children Share A Session Online?

Quran Quest is a personal, one-to-one program. And given the 40-minute sessions, it would not do justice anyways!

What Are The Qualifications Of The Teachers?

Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds, but they are shortlisted, trained & supervised internally by SoulDigest. Rest assured, quality control is a big thing for us!

What is the teacher:student ratio?

Online: Quran Quest Online is designed to give every student a personalised experience, hence the ratio is 1:1.

Onsite: Our teachers have been trained to handle 1:6 students. Every slot will be capped at 3:18.

Which Bootcamp Will My Child Begin At?

Upon your child’s enrollment, our academic staff will conduct an assessment to determine their suitability for either Camp 1 or Camp 2.

Can I Subscribe To 2 Camps Simultaneously?

Unfortunately, that is quite impossible as each has been designed to be a follow-up to the other.

Can My Child Skip The Tajwid Bootcamps Entirely?

Online: If your child ticks all the boxes and more, we can certainly discuss that!

Onsite: Unfortunately for now, we do not allow that!

What Does My Subscription Fees Include?

Online: Your fees include the personal twice-a-week sessions, worksheets, summary, reports as well as links to quizzes and/or other activities. No hidden or extra costs!

Onsite: Your fees include group sessions, in-class activities, worksheets, detailed reports, as well as access to quizzes and/or other supplementary activities through provided links.

Where Can I Access My Class Materials From?

The materials will be given by the teachers.

Does My Child Need To Submit The Worksheets?

Online: While our twice-a-week sessions are designed to be sufficient, the worksheets are designed to reinforce the lessons through repetition & revision, and are sometimes used during sessions. There is no rush though; submit your worksheets at the end of Camp/Rank for extra recognition!Onsite: Yes, it is important for your child to submit the worksheets. The completion and submission of worksheets play a significant role in the learning process as they reinforce the concepts taught in class and help assess your child’s understanding of the material. By submitting the worksheets, your child will receive valuable feedback and guidance from our academic staff, enabling them to further enhance their learning experience.

FAQs on Prophet's Path

This 12-part course utilize stories from the Quran and Sirah to shape your character and mindset by instilling timeless virtues. Students will explore themes like courage and compassion, reflecting on the lessons and applying them to their lives confidently.

Prophets’ Path will be available for all ages! But the classes will be hosted in separate sessions based on the age group.

Yes, you can! While we’re still designing the program’s syllabus and structure, you can be on our waiting list by filling in the form here.

FAQs on Introducing Islam

This 12-chapter program promises a functional and refreshing guide in navigating our beliefs (Aqidah) and practices (Fiqh), through a balanced revision of contemporary and classical Islamic opinions.

Introducing Islam will be available for Teens (13-17 y/o) and Adults (18 y/o and above)!

Yes, you can! While we’re still designing the program’s syllabus and structure, you can be on our waiting list by filling in the form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczD1KyaE5jjyHf4FWULoFidkn7zx1scr2Od_Q2IJnmADan1w/viewform?usp=sf_link

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