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Get trained to teached the Quran & beyond.

SoulDigest Pro is a 12-month Training Program to develop you into a Professional Online Quran Teacher, where you'll learn & earn at the same time.

Why does SoulDigest Pro even exist?

The Islamic world is in need of more teachers who are of quality, competent & proficient in delivering Islamic Studies in English. And with your help, we’re here to make that happen.

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We want you! Here's why you must join:

Knowledge & character growth

Upskill your teaching talents through workshops, resources and training opportunities that will excel you in the real working world.

Eveready support & syllabus

Gain practical teaching and facilitating experience, whether it’s through syllabus design, lesson planning or program engagement.

Earn while you learn!

Teaching doesn’t just have to be a passion - it can be your source of income too!

What are your roles?

Teach Quran
(Onsite or Online)

Facilitate SoulDigest Programs

Participate in Special Projects & Videos

General Requirements

  • Speak English decently
  • Recite Quran properly
  • Be in Malaysia for the next 12 months

The FAQs

Yes you can, as long as you’re an undergraduate in IIUM and you are able to commit for 12 months!

Considering that SoulDigest will be investing money, resources, manpower, and time into training and upskilling you, you will have to pay a fee should you drop out as an SD Pro before the agreed duration of 12 months!

Yes you may go home to your country during semester breaks, as long as it doesn’t disrupt your online Quran classes!

Get in touch with us to find out more about the training frequency and travel requirements!

Absolutely! As long as you know how to recite the Quran properly and have good English proficiency, you can join.

The program duration is 12 months, and you are allowed to take a maximum break of 1 month (not accumulated). Taking more than 1 month will result in automatic forfeiture and a fee.

Certainly! This program significantly increases your chances of becoming a full-time instructor, trainer, or employee at SoulDigest after you graduate.

 It will increase after 8 months onwards!

Yes, as long as it doesn’t disrupt your teaching and training and it’s not related to Islamic Studies!

No, as that would be considered a conflict of interest!

No, as that would be considered a conflict of interest!

No, as that would be considered a conflict of interest!

You’ll have the opportunity to become instructors, trainers, or full-timers at SoulDigest!

The nature of this program exists both online and onsite, both of which you’re expected to appear at!

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