Quran Quest has reached its maximum capacity and subscriptions are now closed!​ However...

you can still be on our waitlist and we'll get back to you in April

At a Glance

One-to-one Sessions

40-minute classes twice a week OR 70-minute classes once a week on Zoom, based on your and our teachers' availability

Learn the 3 Ts

Tilawah (recitation), Tajwid (reading rules) & Tadabbur (understanding)

For the Young & Youth

Recommended for ages 6 to 18, but we're open to above that too if you'd like to try!

What’s Included

Personal sessions, worksheets, quizzes and videos

Watch a class demo. Get structured today.

Quran Quest Progress Chart

Tajwid Boot Camps

Pre-boot Camp:
Letters Around The World

A 2-month camp to learn the Arabic letters through engaging stories

Camp 1:
Absolutely Arabic

A 4-month camp to get familiar with the Quranic layout and characteristics of the Arabic letters

Camp 2:
Terrific Tajwid

A 6-month camp to master the 4 main themes of Tajwid; Waqf, Madd, Nun Sakin & Mim Sakin

Tilawah & Tadabbur Ranks

After the boot camps, students will continue to recite and rank up accordingly.
They will have to complete the following tasks weekly

Complete target pages according to rank. Sessions are twice a week


Watch a Tadabbur video related to the pages recited


Score 100% in an online quiz on the Tadabbur video. No compromise!

Meet Your Teachers

Quran Quest in Action!

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FAQs on Quran Quest


Assuming your child starts from the beginning, Quran Quest Bootcamp is 7 months, followed by Quran Quest, which takes 4 years from rank 1 to rank 12. So that is a total of 4.5 years. Each session is 40 minutes long.

Quran Quest is structured to be a Khatam program with a difference. That said, we have designed it to be scalable into a Hifz program in the future. 

Schedule & Sessions

Upon successful subscription, you will be assigned a certified SoulDigest teacher, whom you can proceed to book your slots with. It is worth noting that as our programs are after-school hours in nature, slots are by default available from 3:00pm to 9:30pm MYT. 

We highly recommend that you have fixed days & time in mind. Having said that, if you need to reschedule/adjust the timings temporarily (eg. for school holidays), you can always talk to your assigned teacher & meet halfway! 

Quran Quest is a personal, one-to-one program! And given the 40-minute sessions, it would not do justice anyways! 

Teacher's Certification

Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds, but they are shortlisted, trained & supervised internally by SoulDigest. Rest assured, quality control is a big thing for us! 

Boot Camp

If your child is 6 y/o, they will automatically start at pre-bootcamp. Otherwise, we will promptly evaluate during the first session to determine whether they should start at camp 1 or 2. 

Unfortunately, that is quite impossible as each has been designed to be a follow-up to the other. 

Unfortunately for now, we do not allow for that! 

Materials & Homework

Your fees include the personal twice-a-week sessions, worksheets, reports as well as links to quizzes and/or videos. No hidden or extra costs!

To make it easy for everyone, we will be dropping a link to you after the first session where you will find everything in one place. No more learning portals! 

While our twice-a-week sessions are designed to be sufficient, the worksheets are designed to reinforce through repetition & revision, sometimes used during sessions. There is no rush though; submit your worksheets at the end of camp/rank for extra recognition!